Car Downhill way antiskid wrinkle floor

Brand: GRK

Place of Origin: Guangdong China

Certificate: ISO, CE, CNC

Model Number: GRK-EP-08

Delivery:Within 10days

Packing: by drum /wood pallet

MOQ: 200Square meter

Payment term: TT, L/C

Supply Ability: 200000sqm /month

It is the professional car parking coating. When installation, it don’t need add silica sand, its automatic reaction to produce wrinkle floor such as the micro-bead particles.

The wrinkle floor paint is highly anti-slip and can reduce the brake sound. The micro-bead particles is concentrated ,filling into the material can overcome the occurrence of the destructive cracks and the wrinkle surface is more favorable for the external force to be uniformly transmitted to the surrounding foundation, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the floor and greatly improving its wear resistance which hard reaches 7 degrees Mohs

Car Downhill way antiskid wrinkle floor

  • Supply Ability 200000 sqm/month
  • Price Negotiable
  • Place or Origin Guangdong China
  • Payment TT, L/C
  • Packing by drum /wood pallet
  • MOQ 100sqm
  • Model Number GRK-EP-08
  • Delivery Within 10days
  • Certificate ISO, CE, CNC
  • Brand GRK