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Cushioned Hard Court

7/8Layers Acrylic cushion hard Basketball Court
--Subbase: concrete /Asphalt
--Middle layer
--Cushion layer x 2 /3
--Strength layer
--Top coat x2
--Line marking

Acrylic cushion hard basketball court surface materials

The finished surface have 3mm/4mm/5mm by 7layers or 8layers acrylic paint.

■Foundation requirements: The cushion acrylic court has high requirements on the foundation, high cost, moderate softness and hardness of the foot, normal rebound speed of the ball, and is not easy to be injured when falling.

■Suitable for venues: Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

■Features: It can effectively cover the fine cracks of the ground foundation and greatly reduce the maintenance cost. It has excellent shock absorption performance, and the acrylic soft cushion coating provides sufficient support for the feet, reducing the damage that may be caused to the feet by general hard ground. The rebound of the ball is moderate and balanced, and does not affect the rebound angle of the ball. Bright and colorful, there are a variety of colors to choose from. Suitable for all climates, UV-resistant, long-lasting color. Even for commercial sites with high usage rate, the coating surface does not need to be resurfaced within 5-10 years.

Why Us?

1) SPU material, it is new material, it is single component polyurethane material, the top coat material is water-base material .it use for indoor and outdoor .It have at least 3layers, it belong to the soft material. after years update, it don’t have any smell, it is non-toxic ,easy install, material

2) Acrylic is classical material, it have hard and cushion floor. The min thickness is 1.5mm. The finished layer is hard, it is easy crack. It is better use on outdoor by painting.

3) PU material, we use for the athletic track, it is two component material, it have little smell, it apply for jogging track, EPDM floor, Spray coat, Sandwich track and Full PU track .

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