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Elastic acrylic tennis field

Acrylic material is breathable resin organic compounds,non-toxic, stable quality, waterproof, sun-proof, non-slip, fair and brighter color than the other similar products. It can be applied to both asphalt or cement's surface, suitable for outdoor and indoor.

The elastic acrylic tennis court is divided into multi-layer construction (7layers or 8layers), the bottom layer is a sealed waterproof layer, the elastic layer is composed of acrylic emulsion and rubber particles, the reinforcement layer is composed of acrylic emulsion and quartz sand, and the surface layer is composed of acrylic paint + silica sand. Usually the laying thickness is 4-5mm, and it can be used on asphalt or cement concrete foundation. It has excellent shock absorption, anti-skid and wear-resistant properties. Vibrant colors can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Advantages of elastic acrylic tennis courts:

1. Safety and environmental protection:
Made of 100% acrylic latex material, the color is pure, water-based and non-toxic, and it is an environmentally friendly material.

2. Bright colors and high weather resistance
The coating is bright in color, excellent in stain resistance and durability, pure in color, suitable for various climates and environments, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, not easy to age, and the color lasts without fading.

3. Non-slip, wear-resistant and elastic
It has good elasticity and strong shock absorption, which can effectively reduce the shock to the legs, waist and brain during exercise, and reduce fatigue. The increase of tensile strength makes it easier to control the reflection of cracks, without delamination and bulging.

4. Easy maintenance and long service life
The service life is long, the service life can reach 5-8 years, and the daily maintenance is convenient. It can be washed with a broom, vacuum cleaner or high-pressure water gun. The maintenance cost is low and the durability is strong.

5. Sun-resistant and UV-resistant
The acrylic tennis court can still maintain the original color for a long time, especially suitable for the construction of outdoor courts.

elastic tennis court

Elastic acrylic tennis court construction process steps:

1. Grinding and cleaning the site, use a shovel to shovel off all the waste, and then use a grinder to grind the entire site, then rinse the ground with clean water and wait for it to dry.

2. Release water in the whole site,Test waterponding,   mark the part where the water accumulates after about 1 hour, and repair it repeatedly to the required flatness.

3. Primer coat: After stirring the acrylic base coat material evenly, apply it evenly on the ground and let it dry for 2-6 hours.

4. Middle layer, acrylic middle layer material + silica sand +cement+water stir evenly, and scrape application with a rake.

5. The first elastic layer: acrylic cushion materials+cement+water stir evenly, and scrape application   with a rake.

6.The second elastic layer: acrylic cushion materials+cement+water stir evenly, and scrape application   with a rake.

7. The strengthening layer: Add quartz sand and cement to the acrylic emulsion according to the proportion, stir evenly with an electric mixer, and then evenly apply it on the dry bottom layer with a professional scraper.

8. Color coating texture layer: acrylic top coat + a small amount of fine quartz sand, after stirring evenly, hang it on the cured middle coat with a scraper and separate the colors.

9. Finishing layer of color coating: acrylic top coat + a small amount of water, stir evenly, and then use a rake and roller to smooth according to the color separation.

10. Line drawing: According to the new national standard positioning, use masking paper to paste the line position, the line width is 5 cm, and use a brush to brush the line position.

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