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Product detail

Epoxy Middle layer materials

Name:Epoxy Middle layer materials
Weight: 24+6 kg (4:1)
Components:Two (Group A +Group B)
Construction method: Troweling

Product information
◇ Construction method: scraping or troweling

◇ Packaging specifications: iron drum packaging, Group A:24KG,Group B: 6KG;

◇ Ratio: 4:1



★Odorless, high hardness, high penetration, acid and alkali resistance
★High hardness, up to 2H.
★Adjusting quartz sand or putty powder can improve ground hardness and flatness.


1. Construction base surface requirements: the floor already applied primer;

2. If the surface humidity of the primer is more than 15%, the construction must be stopped, and the construction can only be carried out when the surface humidity is less than 10%, otherwise it is easy to foam;

3. Operation requirements: Before construction, fully stir the A material evenly, then add the B material in proportion, stir for about 3 minutes, then add an appropriate amount of quartz sand or powder, and after stirring evenly, scrape the mortar and putty.

4. Use time limit: This product can be used for about 45 minutes at room temperature. Please determine the amount of ingredients each time according to the actual construction progress. The prepared materials must be used up at one time, and the remaining materials A and B must be kept sealed;

Storage conditions

Store at room temperature of 10°C-30°C, humidity 50%-80%; all materials are placed in a fixed position and marked in this area to avoid confusion. The warehouse is well ventilated and the temperature is at room temperature. Open paint and leaking materials are stored separately and marked.

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