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Product detail

Epoxy thin Coating

Epoxy thin coat
--Suitable for office and good leveling subbase

--Top coat
--Top coat

Epoxy thin coating

Product Description

Modern factories have very high requirements on floors. Generally, bright and clean floors are required, but there is a lack of funds. In non-heavy-loaded areas, epoxy thin coating can be selected. Composed of primer and top coat, it is mainly used for new cement floors with smooth ground and high ground strength.


Group A is colored liquid, Group B is colorless liquid.


Two-component material, used together.

The construction is convenient and the price is cheap.

After completion, it can achieve a smooth and smooth effect.

Product ratio

Primer is 1:1

Top coat is 4:1

Scope of Application

Office, Light Load Warehouse

Construction Amount

Primer 0.15kg/sqm. Topcoat 0.3 kg/sqm.

Ground Requirements before Construction

Flat, high ground strength

Finished Surface

After correct construction and curing, it can achieve smooth and smooth effect, uniform color, no construction marks, no bubbles, no shrinkage holes, no impurities, etc. However, some defects caused by improper operation and other subjective and objective reasons are not excluded.


1. This product is a chemical product and requires professional construction workers to use it. Do not add diluents or fillers at will during construction. 2. When using, please determine the amount of each ingredient according to the construction progress and ambient temperature. The prepared materials must be used up at one time, and the unprepared materials must be sealed at any time.

3. The suitable construction temperature range of this material is 5-40℃.

4. If the ambient temperature during construction is low, the mixing viscosity of the product will decrease accordingly, and the operating time can be extended. If the ambient temperature is high during construction, the mixing viscosity of the product will increase accordingly, and the operating time will be shortened.

5. Before using this material, please read this product manual carefully, and you can contact us at any time before and after construction, so that this product can achieve the best effect.

Safety Precautions

This product is a chemical that is harmful or fatal if swallowed, seek medical advice immediately if swallowed. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. In severe cases, seek medical attention immediately. Pay attention to precautionary measures, fire and explosion protection, and the disposal of residues should comply with relevant national or local government safety regulations.


Store at room temperature of 10°C-30°C, humidity 50%-80%; all materials are placed in a fixed position and marked in this area to avoid confusion. The warehouse is well ventilated and the temperature is at room temperature. Open paint and leaking materials are stored separately and marked.

Product Packaging

Primer Group A 18kg,Group B 18kg

Topcoat Group A is 24 kg, Group B is 6 kg.

Process Diagram

Epoxy thin Coating

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