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Polyurethane Track

Full PU Track
--Seal the asphalt
--PU layer
--Spray EPDM top coat
--Line marking

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)                                  Brand Name: GRK                                           

  • Model Number: RT-012TR                                                                  Colors: Customized

  • Sport: Full PU system, full pour system, impermeable, non-porous, running track, jogging track                     

  • Colors: Customized                                                                             Certificate: ISO                                                                         

  • Thickness: 13mm                                                                                Foundation: Asphalt

  • Weather condition: all weather condition                                             Environmental condition: no contain of heavy metal                 


SupplyAbility: 100 tons per Day

Packaging and Delivery

Packaging Details: barrels with wood pallet

Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen port

Lead Time :   Shipped in 4 days after payment


Full PU system/ Full Pour system/ Wet Pour system/ impermeable system/ non-porous system/ Mixed type

safety flooring for running

When it comes to track surfaces, full pour systems are the top of the line. Control, high energy return, outstanding quality and consistency, high performance, and long lasting durability are just a few of the features that this three layer track system offers. The base layers is one-component polyurethane primer, a middle layer comprised of two-component polyurethane mix with SBR rubber, and a top layer of polyurethane applied by spraying machine. If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further.

The installation of full PU system is relatively costly when compared to spray coat and sandwich systems. However, the payoff is that the surface is much more durable and requires a less onerous maintenance regime.

Key Advantages

High performance system designed to meet the highest standards of international competition.

Up to 150,000 athlete user hours per year

More durable than spray coat and sandwich systems

Less inclined to develop moss as water runs off and spores can't establish themselves as easily

Resists UV degradation in the harshest environments

Spike resistant and unrivaled all-season performance

Ideal for collegiate to professional level facilities

Unbeatable force reduction

Available in multiple premium colors


safety flooring for running


1)The whole team must know the drawing design well.

2)This type only fit for asphalt base. The base must be strong, no crack, good edge, flat, no bulging, oil free.

3)Regarding the new asphalt, it should install after maintenance 15days.

4)Check the weather carefully. Ensure that there are no rain when install each layer.

5)In order to finish the tracks on schedule, all equipments and material should be prepared on site.

6)To get excellent effect, the QC must test each step.

stadium design tips


1)Before using the material ,please stir evenly.

2)Before installation, we should test a little dimethylbenzene, as the different production batch have different consistence.

3)Plan and control the usage for square meter.

4)The mixture shall pour into the mixing machine in turn. Group A first, Group B second, hardener and stir evenly, and   put in the granule, powder, and dimethylbenzene.

5)Thoroughly clean ground before painting lines, and prevent flaws produced by isolating. Do not paint lines when there is a wind.

6)Ensure no rain within 4hours after construction.


stadium design tips

indoor athletic track

indoor athletic track


indoor rubberized running track

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