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Product detail

Running Track

Product Name: Full PU System/Mixed-type Athletic Track

Thickness: 13mm standard

Base: Asphalt base

Color: Customized

athletic track for kids training

Product Description

The elastic intermediate layer of FULL PU TRACK mainly by two-component polyurethane elastomeric mixed with a small amount of rubber particles(less than 30%) prepared from the surface layer of EPDM rubber particles with anti--skid funtion, and the surface of the rubber particles spray a layer of polyurethane added layer of various functional additives. Adhesive plastic layer and the entire ground closely, mainly internal polyurethane elastomeric, rubber partiles are dispersed within the plastic, the surface of EPDM, and sealing layer of PU elastomers, this structure makes the mixed plastic track's life longer than other types of tracks service life from 10-15years.

Product Features

Performance to meet international standards, abrasion resistance is strong, strong compression resistance, impact resistance, durable, good flatness, flexibility and stability.

Anti-aging, bright color, not off particle.

Easy maintenance, economicial, can adsorb strong impact

Non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly

Flat, can absorption of vibration, bouncing freely.

Can be used for all-weather, has brilliant weather resistance.


Because of its strong prefessional type and combined with expensive polyurethane raw materialss, Full PU system track is generally used in special stadiums and some colleages track and field and alpine regions in our country.

rubber tartan track construction tips

Basic Requirements

Full PU system track's requirements for the asphalt base is large. Generally using modified asphalt concrete as the basis of hybrid particle spray track.

Installation Step

rubber tartan track construction tips

Cases Reference

stadium construction experience

stadium construction experience

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