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SPU Tennis Court flooring

Silicone PU (SPU/SiPU) Tennis court flooring
--Subbase: Concrete /AC Asphalt
--Cushion layer x2/3/4/5
--Top coat x2
--Line marking

ITF approved spu tennis court flooring painting

Silicon pu (SPU) material is a pavement material for sports venues and facilities, which is made by thermally polymerizing silicone materials and modified materials of polyurethane materials. According to the modified material, the stain resistance, flexibility, wear resistance and recovery rate of the material are improved. In addition, it has excellent cushioning and plasticity, strong adhesion, automatic ground leveling, easy engineering construction, and aging resistance. After the construct in-site, the organic chemical properties are stable, and it is not easy to cause problems such as bubbles.

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Silicon PU floor has Unique double-layer structure with good shock absorption and resilience.

Silicon PU material is a one-component water-based material, which can be used for construction after direct dilution with a special environmentally friendly diluent. The elastic layer with high rebound value can not only protect the ankle and joint of athletes, and reduce ligament injury risks of. It can improve the running speed of athletes and improve the level of competition.

The special surface layer - the ligament is hard and has a coefficient of friction, which not only ensures that the athlete can get started quickly and move easily, but also makes the athlete feel safe on the ground.


Excellent weather resistance: Silicon PU court will not fade, chalk, harden and soften due to environmental changes such as ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain and high temperature and low temperature climate, and can maintain its bright color for a long time, usually it can guarantee eight Years do not change color, ten years do not change the flexible use time!

Superior wear resistance: Silicon PU playground can ensure stable appearance and structural characteristics, good wear resistance, and can meet long-term high frequency of use!

Solid anti-fouling surface layer: Silicon PU court is tough and dense, not easy to be scratched by soles or other hard objects and can keep the court smooth and clean for a long time. Clean as new.


Tennis, basketball, badminton, track, volleyball, table tennis, handball, petanque and multi-purpose venues, various gyms, dance rooms, schools, unit union activity rooms, multi-purpose halls, amusement parks, kindergartens, sporting goods stores.


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Packaging and Storage:

Primer--20kg; Cushion layer--30kg;Top coat--20kg;Line --5kg

Store in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse, away from fire and heat sources, strictly waterproof, moisture-proof, and avoid sunlight.

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of manufacture. If the storage period is exceeded, it can continue to be used after passing the test.


1. The flash point of the undried back cover material is greater than 100°C, and the ignition point is greater than 300°C;

2. This product is a chemical product, it is forbidden to eat, it is forbidden to be implanted in the body, and it is forbidden to be contacted by children.

In case of contact with skin, rinse with water and soap before touching food. Some people will feel itchy skin after contact, and should immediately rinse with water and soap; if it gets into the eyes, immediately rinse with water and seek medical attention; if swallowed, do not use methods that cause vomiting, and seek medical attention immediately.

3. In the event of a fire, powder, carbon dioxide or foam extinguishing agents are recommended. Firefighters should wear protective clothing.

4. Protect the environment: We use the latest technology to maintain our company's product leadership in quality and environmental protection. We still recommend that the above items in any form (eg: leftovers, cleaning cloths, expired products, sewage from cleaning sites, fire water after fire fighting, etc.) should not be discharged directly into rivers or other water sources without treatment. Consult local water management or environmental authorities.

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