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SW Tartan Track

Sandwich Track
--Seal Asphalt
--SBR layer or rubber granules layer
--PU seal layer
--Spray EPDM with PU top coat
--Line marking

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polyurethane adhesive

Product Description

Standard Type(13mm) 

1.  Concrete base or Asphalt base

2.  Base primer(1 layer)

3.  SBR rubber granule layer(7mm)

4.  PU Sealing layer(3mm)

5.  Wear-resistant topcoat layer(3mm)

6.  Marking Line(2 layers)


The sandwich track adopts a high-performance surface structure composed of multiple layers, and the surface is granular, with strong waterproofness, high elasticity and dynamic design. The bottom layer is made of polyurethane adhesive in a controlled proportion of the special rubber particles. The thickness is laid by a professional construction machine, the flatness is excellent, and special rubber particles are spread on the surface. It is suitable for large stadiums and schools.


Product Features

All-weather: Maintain high quality in any season and temperature difference, and use it after rain to improve utilization.

Good flatness: professional construction machinery construction to ensure double marking of runway thickness and flatness.

Appropriate elasticity: The porous bottom layer, with moderate elasticity and rebound, can reduce physical exertion and increase competition performance.

Impact resistance: It has a strong buffer layer, which can absorb strong impact force and reduce sports injuries. It is suitable for long-term practice and competition.

Strong nail resistance: Even when the force is the most, the most frequently used 100-meter starting point, the surface will not be damaged by spikes or starting blocks.

Strong weather resistance: special rubber surface, can resist ultraviolet, ozone, wind and rain, sulfuric acid, gas pollution, and extend the service life.

The appearance is gorgeous: the color is beautiful and beautiful, the surface layer can not be granulated, the maintenance is simple, the management cost is saved, and the cost performance is high.



Applicable to official track and field competitions, general sports competitions, various types of school venues.



rubber granules binder

No. Item Material Description Usage
1 RT-010B Base coats  0.200  20
2 SBR SBR granule(2-4mm) 8.000  25
3 RT-010B PU binder(ratio is 1:8) 1.000  20
4 RT-014A 1:4seal PU 2.500  25
5 Red powder Red powder 0.375  25
6 RT-012TR 1:2 PU seal layer 2.800  25
7 EPDM EPDM granule(1-3mm)14% 3.500  25
8 CP079 Hardener 0.017  2
9 RT-012TR 1:2 PU top coat 1.000  25
10 CP080 PU resin 0.150  20
11 RT-015MW Marking Lind white set 5.6


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