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EPDM rubber tennis court

EPDM rubber surfacing provides water permeable, decorative, durable and safe surfaces for tennis court. It is suitable for installation directly to concrete, asphalt, compacted stone sub-bases and existing surfaces.

Application of EPDM floor:

Kindergartens, primary and secondary school playgrounds, park trails, overpasses, running tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts and other sports venues.


It is formed by mixing a certain proportion of binder   with high-strength, high-elasticity, and strong anti-ultraviolet EPDM granules, and directly paving and compacting it on the concrete or asphalt base. It has long service life, elastic degree and dynamic design characteristics. The bottom layer is made of polyurethane adhesive mixed with special rubber granules in a controlled proportion, and then laid by professional construction personnel to control the thickness.   It has the advantages of convenient construction, strong adaptability to the foundation, and is not easy to peel and foam.

The subbase surface and construction technology requirements are stricter. The following points should be paid attention to when using our company's products:

Subbase Requirements for EPDM flooring

1. Asphalt or cement concrete both are available, and it is required to have certain strength and stability (the cement concrete foundation needs to cut expansion joints, and the waterproof layer is not required).

2. Cracks and uneven frost heave caused by freezing are strictly prohibited in the foundation.

3. The foundation must have good flatness and specified slope.

4. The surface must be flat to ensure drainage.

5. The surface of the foundation should be kept clean and dry. After the foundation is completed, the maintenance period is strictly required.

Preparations before construction:

1. Surface pretreatment is based on meeting the requirements. The surface should be cleaned first, and there should be no dirt, dust, water (including watermarks), oil stains, etc. After cleaning, evenly apply primer (1 kg of binder + 0.15-0.5 kg of resin) on the foundation to enhance its bonding ability with the ground and avoid irreversible consequences.

2. Preparation of tools and materials before construction: roller brush, electric paver machine, trowel, washing powder, washbasin, small trailer, utility knife, electronic scale, mixing machine, granules, binder.

3. The construction personnel shall arrange no less than 3 people: 1 person for material preparation, 1 person for material transportation, and 1 person for paving.

EPDM tennis court

tennis court

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