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Product detail

Water Park Painting

Water Park Painting

Brand: GRK

Country: China

Province : Guangdong

MOQ: 100sqm

Color: Blue or other colors

Polyurea Coating

Polyurea waterproof coating is a kind of A, B two-component, solvent-free, fast-curing green elastic waterproof material. It has strong hydrophobicity and is not sensitive to environmental humidity. It can even be sprayed on water (or ice) to form a film. It can be constructed normally under harsh environmental conditions and has outstanding performance.



1. No catalyst, fast curing, can be sprayed on any curved surface, inclined surface and vertical, without sagging, gelling in 5 seconds, and walking strength can be achieved in 1 minute.

2. Two-component, high solid content, does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), environmentally friendly, non-polluting construction, harmless use of hygienic construction.

3. Excellent physical and chemical properties, high tensile and impact strength, flexibility, wear resistance, anti-slip, anti-aging, anti-corrosion.

4. Good reproducibility of the original shape, continuous and dense coating, no seams, no pinholes, beautiful, practical and durable.

5. Use a complete set of equipment for construction, with high efficiency; one-time construction can meet the design thickness requirements, and the equipment is equipped with a variety of switching modes, which can be sprayed or poured. The anti-skid effect can be achieved through the control of the construction process.

6. It has good adhesion and can be sprayed and formed on any substrate such as steel, wood, concrete, etc.

Technical Data





Volume solid content


Gel time

30 minutes after stirring to mix

Dosage reference

1.2-1.5kg/sqm (1mm dosage)

Complete curing

> 72 hours

Temperature resistance


Adhesion (cement base)



1. This product is a chemical product and requires professional construction workers to use it. Do not add diluents or fillers at will during construction. 2. When using, please determine the amount of each ingredient according to the construction progress and ambient temperature. The prepared materials must be used up at one time, and the unprepared materials must be sealed at any time.

3. The suitable construction temperature range of this material is 5-40℃.

4. If the ambient temperature during construction is low, the mixing viscosity of the product will decrease accordingly, and the operating time can be extended. If the ambient temperature is high during construction, the mixing viscosity of the product will increase accordingly, and the operating time will be shortened.

5. Before using this material, please read this product manual carefully, and you can contact us at any time before and after construction, so that this product can achieve the best effect.

Safety Precautions

This product is a chemical that is harmful or fatal if swallowed, seek medical advice immediately if swallowed. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. In severe cases, seek medical attention immediately. Pay attention to precautionary measures, fire and explosion protection, and the disposal of residues should comply with relevant national or local government safety regulations.


Store at room temperature of 15°C-30°C, humidity 50%-80%; all materials are placed in a fixed position and marked in this area to avoid confusion. The warehouse is well ventilated and the temperature is at room temperature. Open paint and leaking materials are stored separately and marked.