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Product detail

Permeable adhesive stone epoxy resin adhesive

Ratio :2 component, 2 : 1
Packing :20kg group A + 10kg group B
Working temperature: 25℃

Permeable adhesive stone structure adhesive, sponge city permeable adhesive stone pavement high-strength adhesive adhesive manufacturer direct sales, recommended for use in tree pit permeable adhesive stone bonding, pebble bonding, colored sand bonding, washed stone bonding, washed rice stone bonding, stone bonding and other occasions.

Product Information

◇ Packaging specifications: plastic drum packaging, group A: 20KG, group B: 10KG;

◇ Ratio: 2:1


1. Permeable stone is suitable for gardens, city squares, swimming pools, bathing centers, villa courtyards, indoor and outdoor decorations, parks, fitness and leisure facilities, etc.

2. The method of laying permeable stones at the entrance of the tree pond on the street in the community has brought great convenience to pedestrians and parking vehicles. The price of permeable stones has solved the problems of yellow soil and open air in the community, and improved the quality of the community environment from the details;

3. The method of laying permeable stones in the tree pits on both sides of the road can timely infiltrate rainwater into the ground, reduce the area of water on the driving road, and improve the efficiency of vehicle traffic.


★Odorless, high hardness, high penetration, acid and alkali resistance

★High hardness, up to 2H.

★Good penetration and high sealability, enhances substrate hardness and provides excellent adhesion


1. Prepare the adhesive, group A and group B

2. Prepare the stone,Ensure that the stones are free of too much stone powder, dry stones, and if there is too much stone powder, clean them thoroughly first.

3. Place the weighed A and B materials in a clean and dry container, and stir evenly (you can use an electric drill to stir, but it must be stirred evenly here, otherwise it will cause incomplete solidification or incomplete solidification). Stir with an electric drill for 2 minutes, and manually stir for at least 5 minutes.

4. Add the evenly mixed AB material in proportion to the weighed colored stones (note: the colored stones must be dry and free of impurities such as oil and dust inside), mix and stir evenly until the surface of each stone is sticky. (The ratio generally 1:25-50)

5. Lay the mixed colored stones on the road surface according to the required pattern, and the bonding base surface should be free of oil, water, dust, stains, and other debris.

Construction process of permeable adhesive stone:

1. Basic treatment of monochrome construction process - coating treatment - batching - mixing of rubber and stone - cutting, smoothing and compaction - production of expansion joints - protection of finished products - delivery for use.

2. Basic treatment of pattern construction process - coating treatment - pattern positioning - pattern edge molding - ingredients - rubber stone mixing - cutting, smoothing and compacting - finished product protection - demolding - delivery for use (note: for the construction of permeable adhesive stones composed of multiple colors, they must be molded, constructed, cured, and demoulded again after the previous color of permeable adhesive stones has completely solidified in order to achieve the desired effect).

Storage Conditions

Store at room temperature of 10°C-30°C, humidity 50%-80%; all materials are placed in a fixed position and marked in this area to avoid confusion. The warehouse is well ventilated and the temperature is at room temperature. Open paint and leaking materials are stored separately and marked.

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