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How to solve the problem of uneven mixing of silicon PU court materials

Issuing time:2024-02-20 10:36

As we all know, a perfect silicon PU court not only requires high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, but also requires professional construction personnel to ensure the most perfect rubber court. Then we often see unevenness in the construction site of silicon PU courts. First of all, there are two reasons for the unevenness during construction. One is that the construction personnel have incorrect operating techniques, and the other is that the materials are not stirred evenly. So how can we improve the problem of uneven mixing of materials?

1. When stirring the silicon PU material court material, first lay it with tape to ensure that the ground is clean. When unsealing the material, you need to clean the outer edge of the cover first to prevent dust, sand and other debris on the outer edge from affecting the Flatness of silicon PU material court.

2. When mixing silicon PU material court materials, the mixer should slide in the up, down, left and right directions to ensure that the materials are fully and evenly blended. Also pay attention to the bottom of the agitation barrel and around it to see if there is any unevenly blended material.

3. The fusion of silicon PU material court materials should be carried out according to the area of the construction area and the speed of construction operations. The thickness of the successive construction should not exceed 4mm.


4. if two components of   silicon PU material, they are fused according to the strictly specified weight ratio, and the material should be poured into the stirring barrel in the form of first pouring the curing agent (transparent liquid) and then the main agent (color liquid).

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