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How to decorate the dust-free workshop of a pharmaceutical factory?

Issuing time:2024-02-20 14:30

In order to ensure the quality and safety of drugs, pharmaceutical companies must produce in a dust-free environment, and the decoration of dust-free workshop floors is crucial in the production environment. The following are the floor design considerations for a dust-free workshop of a pharmaceutical factory organized by FOSHAN GRK COMMERCIAL CO LTD:

Material selection: It is important to choose flooring materials that meet cleanliness requirements. Common options include epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, or other dust-free flooring materials. These materials are smooth, hard-wearing, easy to clean, and resistant to chemicals and disinfectants.

Floor flatness: The floor of the dust-free workshop should have good flatness to ensure the stable movement of equipment and personnel and avoid the accumulation of dust and the retention of pollutants. Floor flatness requirements can be determined based on cleanliness levels and workshop process requirements.

Dust-proof measures: Dust-proof measures should be taken for floor decoration to reduce the generation and spread of dust and particulate matter. This may include using measures such as dustproof carpeting, sealing floor joints and dustproof thresholds to prevent dust from entering the air from the floor.

Antibacterial properties: In the dust-free workshop of a pharmaceutical factory, the floor decoration should have good antibacterial properties to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria and microorganisms. Choose flooring materials with antimicrobial properties and ensure effective cleaning and disinfection of floors.

Chemical resistance: Floor decoration materials should have good chemical resistance and resist corrosion and damage from chemicals and disinfectants. This ensures that the floor remains in good condition during long-term use and reduces the risk of contamination to the clean workshop environment.

Safety performance: Floor decoration design should consider safety performance, such as anti-skid performance and anti-static performance. Make sure the floor has an appropriate coefficient of friction to prevent slipping accidents. For some static-sensitive processes, anti-static flooring materials may also be considered.

Regarding the construction of factory purification projects, we welcome your continued attention. We will continue to explain the construction process, requirements and interpretation of various industrial clean factory standards for new energy battery cleaning engineering, electronic optics cleaning engineering, biopharmaceutical cleaning engineering, medical device cleaning engineering, food and daily chemical cleaning engineering.

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