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Synthetic Jogging Track

Full PU Track
--Seal the asphalt
--PU layer
--Spray EPDM top coat
--Line marking
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Product Description

Sandwich System Running track is in the structure of natural granule surface laid for multiple layers, and it is waterproof, highly elastic and designed in dynamic. The base layer is coated mechanically once mixed with the PU adhesive and the special granule for track as highly flat. Once the surface layer is scratched and filled, it is formed once sprayed with the granule.


Product Data  

No Test Item Test Base Test Result
1 Surface Hardness(Shore A) CNS 36
2 Ball Rebounce EN12235 99.10%
3 Gloss ENISO2813 PASS
4 Shock Absorption EN14808 25.1
5 Vertical Deformation EN14809 0.27mm
6 Flexibility at Low Temperature CNS No crack
7 Tear Resistance CNS 17
8 Elogation at Break CNS 614%
9 Tensile Strength CNS 3.2Mpa
10 Resistance to Fire CNS 1
11 Friction EN 13036-4 105
12 TDI,HDI CNS Not Detected
13 V.O.C-Content CNS Not Detected
14 Heavy metals--Pb CNS Not Detected
15 Heavy metals--Cd CNS Not Detected
16 Heavy metals--Cr CNS Not Detected
17 Heavy metals--Hg CNS Not Detected
(UV test under 168h)
Tensile Strength CNS 3.2Mpa
Elogation at Break CNS 511%


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Q: At what temperature can rubber runways be constructed?


A: Many schools have plans to build the school's rubber track during the winter vacation. However, many rubber runway construction companies will say that the rubber runway cannot be built. The main reason is that the temperature is too low, which will affect the quality of the rubber runway. So at what temperature rubber runway can be constructed?


We all know that some rubber track materials are liquid, such as binder, rubber track PU. If the temperature is too low, there will be no way for the rubber runway to be constructed.


Professional rubber track manufacturers give advice: Generally speaking, rubber runways can be constructed above 0 degrees, but the most suitable temperature is 10 degrees or more. If the construction is less than 0 degrees, the construction period will be very long, and the quality of the rubber runway will deteriorate. Therefore, it is advisable not to carry out rubber track construction in some places that are cold in winter.


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