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Artificial Grass Maintenance

Issuing time:2024-01-09 14:35

Artificial Grass Maintenance

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A. Basic requirements:

1. Keep the venue clean

2. Put up “No Smoking” signs around the lawn

3. Motor vehicles and heavy objects should not enter the sports venue.

4. Reduce the number of cleanings and avoid cleaning at high temperatures.

5. Set up enough trash cans

6. Control the use of the venue

7. Repair minor damage in time

8. Artificial turf should be used under normal sports conditions

B. Cleaning and maintenance:

1. After the game, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up paper, fruit shells and other debris in time.

2. Use a special brush to comb the grass seedlings every two weeks to remove dirt, leaves and other debris on the lawn.

3. Use a special rake to smooth the quartz sand or rubber particles once a month or after frequent competitions.

4. The dust on the turf will be washed away when it rains, or it can be washed manually.

5. When the summer is hot, you can spray the lawn with water to cool down so that athletes can stay cool and comfortable.

6. Clean up foreign objects in the lawn in time, such as leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum and other garbage that can cause tangles, spots and stains.

C. Removal of stains:

1. For "watery" stains such as juice, milk, ice cream, blood stains, etc., first scrub with soapy water, then rinse the area with soapy water thoroughly with clean water; if necessary, use a towel with strong water absorption to dry it.

2. Shoe polish, sunscreen oil, ballpoint pen oil, etc. can be wiped with a sponge dipped in perchlorethylene, and dried with a towel with strong adsorption force.

3. For paraffin, asphalt and asphalt, wipe hard or wipe with a sponge dipped in perchlorethylene.

4. Nail polish can be wiped with acetone.

5. Paints, coatings, etc. can be decontaminated with turpentine or paint remover and water. Rinse the detergent with cold water and wipe vigorously, using a sponge dipped in perchlorethylene.

6. Chewing gum can be sprayed into small pieces with Freon and then the residue can be removed.

7. For fungi or mildew, you can pour 1% hydrogen peroxide into water and soak it thoroughly with water after wiping.

8. Lawn tangles and moss: Small areas of lawn tangles can be cleaned with special anti-tangle agents (such as road cleaners or chlorine). As long as the concentration is appropriate, the lawn will not be affected in any way. This type of detangler can remove tangled lawns and then sweep them out with a stiff broom. If the tangle is severe, the lawn needs to be treated and cleaned overall.

D. Check and repair:

1. Carefully check whether the seams are loose and whether the entire bottom of the turf is damaged, torn, burned, etc. For major repairs, please contact the paving company immediately.

2. Heavy rain erosion and cleaning will cause a small amount of filling material to be lost. Sprinkle some quartz sand and rubber granules into the areas that need to be filled, and sweep them completely into the turf.

E. Prohibited matters:

1. Smoking, setting off fireworks and firecrackers, and welding are prohibited on site.

2. It is prohibited to throw chewing gum, fruit peel snacks, fruit drinks, oil stains, etc. on the venue.

3. No motor vehicles are allowed to drive on the lawn.

4. It is prohibited to use spikes, javelins and other inappropriate footwear or sports equipment;

5. It is prohibited to use chemical cleaners, herbicides or pesticides.

6. It is prohibited to run on the lawn wearing spikes that are 9mm long or more than 9mm.

7. It is prohibited to place heavy objects on the lawn for a long time.

8. Shot put, javelin, discus or other high-falling sports are prohibited on the lawn.

9. It is forbidden to step on it immediately when encountering snow. The surface of floating snow must be swept away before use.

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